Meet us! Ginny and Rochella, two Dutch hospitality enthusiasts, real estate experts and architecture lovers. It is our priority to provide you with a unique holiday experience.

Lifting service to the next level is what we strive after. And although we won’t promise you a fairy-tale, we promise you your closest experience to it.

We like people and we like Ibiza, here is where the idea was born: creating our very own community. Someone once told us that you can’t “join” a family because you are either part of it or you’re not. We don’t agree with that nonsense and thus invite everyone to become part of the family.

Members of our community redeem amazing extra’s and only the best service. Our interactive platform gives you insights on peoples’ experiences, our RB reward system and an overview of your favourite selected villas. Our selection of luxury villas is handpicked. These are our muses.

Excellence is never achieved, but we’ll do our best to exceed your expectations.

Join our community, welcome to RB family!

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