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Do you have any questions?

We have all the answers for you! When you don't see your question, please contact us directly.

How do I book a house with RB Family?

When you know which house you would like to book, we ask you to fill in our booking form. When you fill in this form, we receive a reservation.
We will send a booking confirmation as soon as possible after the agreement of the owner. And then all you have to do is book your flights and look forward to your holiday!

Is it possible to take an option on a house?

We understand that you want to take the time to think or consult with the travel group before you make a booking. We can request an option in consultation with an owner. When we confirm the option, it will be valid for 48 hours. We indicate when the option expires so that you can book on time if necessary.

How does the payment of a booking go?

When booking a house we require a 50% deposit to confirm the booking. When we send a payment order, you have 3 days to pay it. If we do not receive the deposit, the booking is not valid. We send the payment order for the remainder (50%) 8 weeks before arrival. The payment of the deposit will go through a separate order and you will receive it 2 weeks before arrival. If your arrival date is within 6 weeks at the time of booking, we will send a payment order of 100%.

Can we also book flights with RB Family?

Unfortunately, you cannot book flights with RB Family at the moment.

Is it possible to book an early check-in or late check-out?

This is a service that we are happy to offer, but only when possible. If the house is not rented out before or after your booking, you may be able to check in earlier or check out later in consultation. You can always indicate this to us and we will see what is possible in consultation with the owner. Due to other bookings, we can only indicate this a week in advance. If this is not possible, it has to do with the time the cleaning team needs to prepare a house for a booking.

Is it possible to rent a baby cot and high chair from RB Family?

You can rent a baby cot and high chair at the villa. The costs for a cot are €50 per week and for a chair €15 per week. If you want to rent these during your stay in the villa, you can indicate this in your booking or send us your request by email.

Is the calendar correct for the villas?

We strive to always have the calendars up to date. Unfortunately, the calendars are not "real-time" so it may happen that we have not yet implemented the latest update and that a booking and request cross each other. That is why we always verify a request and reservation with the owner so that we can confirm that the requested data is available.

Do you know all the houses that RB Family offers?

Yes, we think it is very important that we stand behind our product. That is why you can assume that all the houses we offer on RB Family have been seen and checked by our local team. Because we know the houses inside and out, we can also give you the best recommendations.

Do I need to bring bed linen and towels when I rent a house from RB Family?

No, you don't have to bring anything with you except beach towels.

Can I rent a car from RB Family?

In addition to the rental of villas, we also offer various services. Including booking a car for your stay. We have been working with a very nice partner for many years. We selected this partner because of the great service they offer.
- Including English and Spanish speaking employees;
- Pick up the car directly at the airport;
- No queues and transfers;
- Many extra options such as child seats.
If you are interested in renting a car, you can do so via our activities page or via a request with your booking.

Can I rent a boat from RB Family?

In addition to the rental of villas, we also offer various services. We rent boats through reliable partners. These are boat owners that we know personally and have been working with for years. If you want to know which boats RB Family offers, take a look at our activities page or via a request with your booking.

What services does RB Family offer in addition to villa rental?

In addition to the rental of villas, we also offer various services. You can think of shopping service on arrival, outdoor cinema in the garden of your villa, babysitting service (several languages), massage at home, beauty treatments, yoga class at home, personal training and other sports activities. The possibilities are endless, contact us to see what we can arrange for you.

How do I know where my villa is located?

Due to the privacy of other guests and the owner, we provide the exact location of a villa a week before arrival at your arrival procedure. In Ibiza, there are almost no addresses on the island. That's why we usually give a "pin location". These are coordinates from Google, which you can enter in your Google maps for the correct directions to your home.

Is there WIFI in the villa?

All villas that RB Family has in its portfolio have WIFI.

Does RB Family also offer houses for long-term rental?

We mainly rent weekly. Due to our intensive contact with owners, we often know when an owner is open to renting out for the long term. You can always ask about the possibilities.