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We understand that renting a luxury car is not just about going from one place to another in Ibiza. The luxury experience we offer begins and ends well beyond the point that our customers start the engine of their luxury rental car. Luxury car hire is much more than that It is about providing a sense of luxury and prestige for meticulous attention to small details and a special understanding of the needs of our clients. We want your experience with us to be the best and we will do everything possible to provide you with experience.

Our luxury car rental fleet in Ibiza is based on six categories of rental (saloons, SUVs, cabriolets, compact, luxury vans and sports) and many of the leading rental brands such as BMW, Range Rover, Porsche, Audi, Hummer, Ferrari, Mercedes Benz, Lamborghini, Maserati, Bentley, Nissan, Smart...

Whether you are looking to boost your vacation, wedding and honeymoon, or take off to a special business meeting - our cars will do the job. We want your experience in Ibiza to be unique and comfortable.

On top you can decide where and when you would like us to deliver your car, we will deliver and pick up your car where you tell us. It can be a rental car in Ibiza airport, in a luxury Ibiza hotel, in an agrotourism, in your villa...

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